Fashion Real Leather Casual Height Shoes Height 6 cm

Do you know the matching skills of similar color clothing and Fashion Real Leather casual Height Shoes Height 6.0 cm? Similar colors refer to similar colors, such as red and orange, orange red and yellow green, yellow green and green, green and cyan. Compared with the same color clothing, the similar color combinations are slightly changed, but the overall effect is also very harmonious. For example, girls wearing bronze green loose pullovers, bean green, goose yellow, sky blue, black and iron gray printed fabric culottes, belts, feet wearing white sandals, suitable for spring or summer or summer and autumn. For example, the black silk shirt is printed with orange, yellow, gold tea or brown gray strips, wearing black trousers, tea brown leather belt, is also very beautiful.

Second, pay attention to the occasion. It is better to have a formal meeting or a formal one. The stable suit color and the shirt of the same color can not be wrong, and the tie should not be too eye-catching! The suit is dressed in etiquette, so choose the plain color to match. Also pay attention to the details of the decoration. If it is a black leather Height Shoes, do not wear white socks!

Height Shoes

The internal small meeting, still based on suits, business men’s dresses with matching skills, color ~ can be fashionable, tie can also be brighter trousers still have to wear ~ leather Height Increasing Shoes style and color choices can also be slightly changed .

Going out to participate in a small work meeting, because they are acquaintances, so you don’t have to be too cautious in your clothes. Striped trousers add a bit of energy, and the choice of bracelets should not be too fancy. Weekend! Let’s relax with a denim! The top is still a good choice for a t-shirt that is more eye-catching. Just buy a mobile phone and hurry up! Finally, you can rest, if you want to go shopping.

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The fabric of the suit is not plaid, but the plaid pattern is used. The contrast between the top and the trousers is better than wearing a full suit. The double-breasted wide-neck style is more suitable for you. The shoulder pads and the flaps are all added for you. With a moderate silk tie, is a triangular or vertical pattern, and if possible, a lapel vest to make your body thicker. The trousers have distinct pleats and folds. With wide belts and platform Height Increasing Shoes, you can add a sense of solidity.

Don’t wear black and almost black tops, otherwise people will become thinner and thinner. They should wear inflated clothing. The color can be gray, taupe or light gray to increase the sense of expansion. The material of the fabric is better with the twill pattern, and the soft texture of the large grid is also good. The fabric of the wool texture can be placed in the position, so do not choose the straight grain.

Height Shoes

Men with small busts should wear tighter bust clothes to fill the clothes and make the chest look wider. If you think that a small bust wearing a large bust can look a little fat, then it is a big mistake, and the wide clothes make people look thinner. If you are wearing a suit, you can wear a three-piece suit, because wearing a vest can make the flat upper body look rich.