Net Brock Carved Elevator Shoes Men’s Belt Business Dress Shoes

Appearance looks no different with the ordinary shoes Elevator Shoes Net Brock Carved Increased Shoes Men’s Belt Business Dress Shoes appearance, the biggest difference is loaded inside a high-level internal growth, but there are people feel put on after more than The bare feet have increased the height of 5-13 cm, also known as the invisible heightening shoes, which will be more straight and confident, helping to quit the inferiority of the hunchback.

The internal Elevator Shoes are combined with the increased space occupied by the store. The design of the upper will be slightly higher, covering the bare feet and preventing looseness. The inner shoes are combined with the curved humanized design, and the whole point is increased, which is consistent with the curved surface of the sole. Appropriate, concealed design, and selected leather, sheepskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin and other cherished leather, using imported high-tech polyether PU to do the internal high-rise, the ultimate fit to the contours of the foot and the law of force The mat is increased, compared with the long-wearing discomfort of the high-heeled shoes, the high-quality inner high-lifting laces give the consumer a feeling of being light, comfortable, dry and breathable.

Elevator Shoes

The increased insole is designed to increase the visual effect of the user’s height, and is mainly used to enhance the image of the user’s height and certain long and short legs caused by diseases. Increasing the insole does not promote the body’s growth and increase the height and the role of treatment of disease.

The inner insole is a simple insole. There are probably two types of insoles: silicone-made and PU-made. Currently available on the market are full-pad and half-pad, and the price is relatively cheap. The silicone insole fits the skin, is soft and smooth, and is more flexible when stepped on. It is usually changed once every 3 months.

Elevator Shoes

The texture of PU is made of artificial leather. This kind of internal pad is shockproof and comfortable, absorbs sweat and deodorizes, and is breathable and hygroscopic. The general maintenance period is three years. The heightening pad should be judged according to the size of the shoe space. It is completely consistent with the Height Increasing Shoes, which is easy to cause the shoes to be deformed. If you wear the inner cushions that do not match the shoes for a long time, it may cause deformation of the feet and damage the health of the feet.

The full pad does not guarantee that you will put in every pair of Height Increasing Shoes. The half pad is harmful to the arch, and the three-quarter pad is the most comfortable. This insole keeps the body in balance, and the prominent arch design fits perfectly to the place where the sole needs to be lifted, and it is thick and not heavy, and the increase will not cause discomfort.

Elevator Shoes

The combination insole is very flexible and can be adjusted for increased height. Of course, don’t increase too much, be careful. The air cushion’s breathable position is often in the center of the foot, which can effectively reduce the feeling of suffocation caused by the increased cushion. And there is a gas layer in the middle to reduce pain. Half pad, full pad, PU, ​​silicone, air cushion… all kinds of inner heightening insoles let the height be free.