New Anti-slip Hiking Elevator Boots 8CM

The men’s invisible heightening shoes are specially designed for men who do not have the advantage of height and have short legs. They are added to the interior of the shoes and have the same appearance as ordinary shoes. They wear shoes that can increase the fruit. As a special functional shoe that is different from ordinary Elevator Boots, it is more important to increase the shoes in the selection!

So how do you choose a pair of men invisible heightening shoes New Anti-slip Heightening Shoes Hiking Elevator Boots 8CM? Can be compared from the following aspects

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At present, China specializes in the brand of Height Increasing Shoes, mainly including He Jinchang, Gao Ge, Gao Ni, Tian Yu, and brands that are also used to increase shoes, such as Aokang and Camel.

The customer is positioned as a business politician with economic foundation and social status. The main line is the word-of-mouth marketing. It is a brand that can provide crocodile skin and other products with customized shoes. They focuses on the low-end market, and customers target ordinary customers. They mainly focus on low-priced products and advertising campaigns, and cannot provide customized shoes.

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 Compare materials and substrates. The data indicates that 80% of the customers who buy high-end shoes are mainly buying business shoes. Among the brands that have Height Increasing Shoes, Our business shoes account for about 85%. The fabrics are mainly calfskin and top layer cowhide. The substrate is made of high-purity rubber out sole with high price; the business shoes account for about 60%. The fabric is mainly composed of shaved top layer leather, second layer cowhide and leather skin. The substrate is mainly made of low-cost secondary recycled rubber out sole; Gao Ni and Tian Yu business shoes account for about 50%, and the fabric is shaved with a small amount. The first layer of skin, a large number of two layers of leather, slimming.

Contrast to increase the top. Increased high-level: At present, the two shoes brands who have increased their shoes have said that they use polyether PU materials, which are light, flexible, aging-resistant and non-collapsed. But there are still specific differences, and everyone should carefully compare them.

Elevator Boots

 The accuracy of adding high-level codes is different. Some famous brand uses a standard type, a code number, corresponding to the corresponding high-rise standard production, the upper level is fully matched with the shoes, the comfort is excellent, but because each model has to be opened separately, the cost is very high (generally low customer unit price) Brand, do not dare to do this; Generally divide the 42-37 code into three large and small code segments to place the high-rise, the cost is greatly reduced, and the comfort is also poor.

The design of the high-rise contact surface is different. The increased brand in the industry is propagating that the profile of the profile is increased. However, it is found that the high-level contact surface of the shoes is designed to conform to the curve of the human foot. The foot is distracted and comfortable, and the posture is put on the back. It is straight and straight, and the feet are not twisted and deformed; while other brands adopt a straight section height. After wearing, the feet are easy to move forward, and the uneven force is in front of the body.