New Casual Increased Invisible Lifting Shoes 8 cm

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Guo Degang’s program not only increased the wearing of New Casual Increased Invisible Lifting Shoes 8 cm, but also a large insole in the inside, the net height of one meter six?
Lao Guo’s new program, “The Newcomers in the Crosstalk,” is in full swing. Although many people on the Internet have commented that there is an insider, in general, the top ten promoted now have their own characteristics, the next week is The battle of the quarter-finals, it is understood that the program group also invited Gao Xiaopan and Zhang Yunlei, who are more famous in the cross-talking world, what kind of sparks will there be when the two male gods help out? Everyone can look forward to it.

Lifting Shoes

However, last week, in addition to the ups and downs of the game, it is probably the pair of “hate high” shoes on the foot of Lao Guo. Because Lao Guo was sitting in a chair, he was opened, so the exposed leather boots caught the attention of many netizens. In fact, in another program, Lao Guo’s “Lifting Shoes” was also taken out.

At that time, a contestant of the program explained the “Hate of Heaven” boots worn on the stage of the opera, and also took out a pair of Height Increasing Shoes placed in the makeup room of the show. It can be seen from the texture. Pairs of shoes are definitely from famous brands, and the price is not cheap.

Lifting Shoes

The height of the Height Increasing Shoes should be about five centimeters. The shoes should be increased by at least five centimeters on the outside. But then, this player’s move is even more surprising. He took out an insole from the inside. In fact, many of the stars’ shoes will increase the insole, in order to make their height not so embarrassing.

However, there shouldn’t be a star with seven or eight centimeters of increased insoles. Such a blatant increase is too “unbelievable” because there are already five centimeters on the outside shoes. Plus this paragraph, it is increased. More than ten centimeters.

Lifting Shoes

To ask who the shoes are, the player was ridiculed on the show and said, “I will definitely keep secrets for Teacher Guo.” Although it may be the effect of the program, the old insole of Lao Guo should not be fake. The height of a child is more than ten centimeters, only one meter seven, which means that the old Guo net height is only one meter six? In order to increase, it is also very hard!