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What about the newly bought Men’s Tall Boots and how to do it? We have already answered such questions, but what about the newly bought boots? Many have encountered this kind of problem, and they have had such a painful experience. What about the new boots and how to do it? Is there any good way to remedy it?

Let me talk about leather boots and how to do it? Winter Men’s Tall Boots High Invisible Men’s Shoes Increased 6CM Choose a better cowhide, suitable for wearing in wet weather. But the cowhide boots don’t matter what the cow’s body is, and the skin is hard, and of course it’s pretty good. (Generally, if you can wear it for 2 years, you can take it for a longer time.) The sheepskin is relatively soft and breathable. Driving MM and walking for a long time can choose sheepskin.

Men's Tall Boots

What about the two leather boots? Wearing bare feet and Elevator Boots will grind! In general, pig skin is not worn, this seems to be a big aunt shoes. There are also flat shoes, and there are also mid-heel shoes. Through a pair of sandals, flat shoes are not how to wear your feet. There is pu, in fact, it is cheap, nothing else, this foreign called green skin, I heard that it is very fashionable? Buying shoes are mostly PU, look good, wear them just like grinding. But it feels like the skin, it is a lame. The feet are stuffy.

After the boots are bought, put a soft cloth on the side of the boots that will grind the feet, then rub the head and rub it again. It is much better. What about the boots? I don’t think how good the Elevator Boots are. But when you cut it, pay attention to it. It will be better to cut the shoe and paste it.
What about the boots? Leather shoes, can be painted with white vinegar in the place where the feet are worn, a little better. What about the boots? There is another trick that is very good. It is to paint the white candle along the place where the shoes are worn. The effect is OK, but you have to wear stockings. Do not wear stockings, the wax on the top is worn after the same grinding feet.

Men's Tall Boots

One of the best ways I have ever used is to use soap or soap powder (soap detergent detergent), foam in the palm of your hand, then use a small brush to make a little bit of foam. Point the place where the oil is stained, and then use a paper towel to remove the foam.

The above is very suitable for light-colored UGG snow boots, especially yellow, because it will continue to use water to point to the place where the soap powder is brushed, it will change color or oxidize. However, it feels that the place where the soap powder stays will slowly turn yellow, and the light color will not look out. How do you wash the dark snow boots with oil? I once used my light makeup remover to manage my girlfriend’s shoes once. It feels OK. I used paper to suck, don’t touch it with water.

Men's Tall Boots

I used to risk the whole use of soap powder on the shoes and grind it like a scrub. But I don’t like this method, I don’t care, I don’t know what will change in the future. And the effect of decontamination is not very strong, the color is not obvious, but it still makes me feel lost the original texture.