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Shoes are a necessity to help men embark on a smooth life, and they are also an important part of handsome style. 2015 spring men’s heightening shoes have been comprehensive in the store, whether it is a simple business style or a gorgeous retro style, whether it is the city’s neat or sports bodybuilding, eye-catching spring shoes are grandly debut. In addition to the changes in style, in the color, spring men’s Height Increasing Boots Winter Plus Velvet Casual Cotton Lifts Shoes Increased 6.0 cm brand is also refreshing, Mark line, seven colors, wrinkles and so on are quite eye-catching.

“Do not wear high-heeled shoes, Height Increasing Boots, invisible heightening shoes, skirts, not allowed to take heavy makeup to take the test…” Recently, the Academy of Arts performed tests. Despite the “special considerations” for candidates before the exam, the boys and girls who are waiting for the exam are still very eye-catching. In order to be able to “out of place” in many handsome men and women, in the initial test group, there are candidates who disregard the design plot “out of the card”, disrupting the entire group of performances.

Height Increasing Boots

The first test of the performance of the Guangdong Academy of Art is divided into two parts: recitation and collective Elevator Boots. The candidates first recite their own manuscripts for a period of about 1 minute, followed by a group of 5 people. The name of the essay is determined by lottery. The candidates only have 1 minute. Time preparation. Different groups have different topics. A girl from Guangzhou told reporters that the group’s topic was “Hou Kao”. It’s not difficult to play, but the performance of the group is not ideal because “everyone speaks People’s, the cooperation is not good, not at all tacit.”

Height Increasing Boots

A candidate from Zouping got the title “Before the show” and encountered a similar situation during the performance: “Everyone discussed their roles when preparing for the exam, but when they arrived on the stage, they came 180 degrees. Turning, this makes us very embarrassed.”

It told reporters that this may be related to everyone’s mentality. “After arriving at the scene, I found a lot of masters. Everyone wants to show their strong side and leave a deep impression on the teacher. Everyone has a hard time to show off.” However, this practice can sometimes be counterproductive, because in addition to examining the creative and performance capabilities of the group, the group’s awareness of the candidates is also examined. “In the future, acting must also cooperate with others. No one can play all the dramas by one person.”

Height Increasing Boots

 Not wearing Elevator Boots and no makeup exams can prevent some aspects of cheating in the exam, but China’s current education model often misinterprets people’s desire to increase their heights. We also believes that in some occasions, Should wear high shoes and chemical makeup.